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Choosing Driving Lights


Ultra Vision: Ultra Vision is an Australian based manufacturer producing LED lighting for extreme environments focusing on recreational and heavy industrial applications. By manufacturing in Australia they have total control over the quality and output of the lights giving them the confidence to offer a 5 year warranty, irrespective of the environment. As a result, the products have become favourites in the Australian 4×4 and mining scenes.

Lightforce: Whether camping in the wilderness, hunting a predator, pulling an all-nighter or off-roading through rough terrain, Lightforce is there to light the way. Based in Australia, Lightforce has more than 35 years' experience in precision manufacturing, and has forged an international reputation as leading manufacturer of innovative professional lighting equipment. Lightforce prides itself on supplying quality products to those who value performance, innovation and design.

Adventurer Series: The Opposite Lock Adventurer Series lighting range has been designed with features that off-roaders and everyday drivers demand in high quality performance lighting, but with your everyday budget in mind. Our range of LED driving lights have been engineered especially for this country’s harsh conditions and backed with a solid 5 years guarantee.

Different lights for different kinds of vehicles & driving conditions

Selecting new driving lights for your 4X4 vehicle can be overwhelming with so many options.
Opposite Lock offers a wide range of lights to suit every 4WD enthusiast- no matter your vehicle, terrain encountered, or level of experience.

The best light for the type of driving you intend to do

Factors to consider when choosing your lights include;
• Brightness of the lights and colour hue
• Shape of output, and whether this suits the type of terrain you usually encounter
• Quality of construction- generally the more you spend, the better the quality
• Vehicle measurement requirements taking into account frontal protection bars
• Level of protection needed against dust and water

Spot Lights or Pencil Beams VS Light Bars

There are two main categories of driving lights, both with different advantages.

Spot lights are generally considered to have more of an advanttage in distance, and Light bars are best for spread.

Spread beams are best for off-road driving and rough terrain, where you will be travelling at a lower speed and need visibility for potential obstacles and wildlife.

Pencil beams are ideal for long distance and high-speed driving, when you need maximum visibility in the road ahead. There is a variety available in both, allowing you to choose based on vision preference, road types and terrain, and vehicle allowances.

For versatility, it is recommended to purchase at least one of each.

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What type of light: LED, HID or Halogen? What are their pros & cons?

Halogen lights were the original option in 4X4 driving. They are readily available and the most cost effective to replace when a bulb is blown. They may be unreliable in this sense, and are a dimmer light compared with other options, the spread and distance of the light remains adequate for many off-roaders.

HID (High Intensity Discharge) lights are currently considered the best lights for 4WDs on the market. They emit light through an arc of electricity, which passes through a gas, causing it to glow. They are more effective in emitting light using a smaller wattage. They emit a whiter and brighter light than Halogen and LEDs, and also have a longer lifespan.

Drawbacks to HID lights include heavy electronic ballast, a higher cost, and a short warm up period of a few seconds.

LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights are available in a vast variety of wattage and sizes. Front facing LEDs are relatively new and still undergoing development. They make an excellent addition to HID lights with their wide spread but may not be satisfactory on their own in off-roading due to their lack of distance measure.

Thermal management is the biggest issue in LED lights- they produce less light (up to 10%-20%) as their temperature rises.

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