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Trac‑Grabber ‑ Get Unstuck



With Australia’s love of adventure and off-roading, getting stuck happens more than we would like to admit. Getting out is now even easier with Trac-Grabber.

Launching exclusively in Australia at Opposite Lock stores, Trac-Grabbers are designed to get you “un-stuck” when you find yourself in those sticky off-road moments. Made from EPDM Rubber with a webbed strap and D-Ring buckle, Trac-Grabbers are an inventive designed block to help a slipping tyre to extract itself from a poor traction situations.

Trac-Grabbers are designed for use on cars, utes and SUV’s and available in twin or quad packs. Packed in a convenient weather proof bag, they take up less space than traditional recovery tracks.

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To use Trac-Grabbers

  • Tightly secure one Trac-Grabber to each drive wheel by holding the Trac-Grabber on the wheel with "D" rings on outside facing you
  • Feed the loose end of the strap through an opening in the wheel from the back side
  • Feed the end of the strap through the "D" rings, PULL TIGHT, and secure the strap with the Velcro to prevent slippage
  • Once in place, Trac-Grabbers take hold as the vehicle's wheels start to spin, they will lift and grab the tyre to help move it to more stable terrain.

Available in store now - call 1800 624 444 for your local store