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Redarc BCDC Classic Under Bonnet 40A Battery Charger - BCDC1240D

SKU: EL28583 Part Number: BCDC1240D
Redarc's BCDC Classic 40A DC to DC battery charger is suitable for under-bonnet install and includes lithium compatibility and an MPPT solar regulator all in one compact form.
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The Redarc BCDC 40A DC to DC Battery Charger is capable of high performance even in engine bay installations. Designed for situations where failure is not an option, it's rugged enough for corrugated roads, heat, water, mud, and dust.

Featuring an ultra-efficient Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) solar regulator, the built in Green Power Priority will prioritise solar input, minimising load on your alternator and in turn, saving you fuel.

Featuring a lithium charging profile, the BCDC1240D is suitable for charging AGM, Gel, Standard Lead Acid, Calcium and LiFePO4 batteries. The BCDC1240D is suitable for lead acid battery banks over 200Ah and lithium battery banks over 100Ah.

Redarc's award-winning BCDC has been verified and tested to charge your battery to a proven 100%. If you’re heading out into the bush and want to get there and back again safely, the BCDC Classic is built and tested in Australia for our unique conditions.


  • DC and solar charging inputs
  • Maximise auxiliary battery life and performance
  • Charge from solar and DC power simultaneously with Green Power Priority
  • Perfect for engine bay installations with fully sealed electronics
  • Suits 12V standard and variable voltage/smart alternators
  • Suits AGM, Gel, standard lead acid, calcium and Lithium (LiFePO4) batteries
  • Perfect for engine bay or exposed installations
  • Overcome voltage drop caused by long cable runs
  • Suits 4WDs, campers, boats and trucks
  • Ideal for both commercial and recreational applications
  • Protect the start battery from excessive discharge

Input charge:Simultaneous vehicle and solar
Installation type:In-cabin or under bonnet
Input (operating) voltage:9-32VDC
Output system voltage:12VDC
Maximum charging voltage:15.3V
Output current rating (cont.):40A
Input fuse rating:60A
Output fuse rating:60A
Type approval:E-Mark
Warranty:2 years
Standby current draw:<8mA
Output power:600W
Width (mm):120
Height (mm):37
Length (mm):165
Weight (kg):1

Redarc BCDC Classic Under Bonnet 40A Battery Charger - BCDC1240D

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