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Warranties & Returns

Warranty procedure

To ensure prompt processing for claimson Components deemed to be defective Opposite Lock ask that the following procedure be adhered too. Failure tofollow procedure could result in a delayed assessment of your warranty claim.

The installer or end user will be required to make contact with Opposite Lock Warranty department and inform themof the pending warranty. Once an approval number has been issued, the suspect product and relevant documentation(eg: copy of invoice and completed Opposite Lock Assessment Form) can be transported to Opposite lock.

Reimbursement for Labour costs will be covered only if the parts were originally fitted by Opposite Lock. Thoseclaims for labour costs which are incurred by the end user for removal and refit when product were originallyinstalled by the end user will not be entered into.

Furthermore, the costs incurred for freight for the return of the failed product or to replace failed product isthe responsibility of the end user.
The Opposite Lock warranty officer will, at his discretion make a decision concerning the claim. The warrantyofficer will repair, modify or replace the defective component.

Excluded from warranty will be any item where breakage or premature wear has occurred due to incorrectinstallation or when components are fitted to mating parts which have unacceptable tolerances.

Returns policy and procedures

OppositeLock will always endeavor to assist its customers in the event that an item needs to be returned as a result of awarranty claim or it needs to be returned for other reasons.

Return of goods where the goods are defective

Where an item is defective, Opposite Lock requires that the Customer adhere to the followingprocedure:

  1. The customer must email and briefly advise the nature of the issue and theirpurchase details, including the date purchased and the invoice number for the purchase.
  2. Opposite Lock will then reply by email with a return number and forward the Return Claim Form to be completedand signed by the customer before returning the goods.
  3. Opposite Lock will advise whether the goods should be returned to the store of purchase (or where the goods werepurchased online) or to the nearest store.
  4. Where goods are found to be defective or require replacement under a manufacturer’s warranty Opposite Lock willreplace those parts.
  5. Opposite Lock will not be liable for a refund of any fitting charges incurred except where the goods were fittedby an Opposite Lock store.
  6. The Customer is liable for all freight and delivery charges incurred in returning the goods to the store ofpurchase or the nearest store.
  7. Once Opposite Lock has had an opportunity to examine the faulty goods, Opposite Lock will make a determination(at its discretion) as to whether it will or will not directly replace the goods or whether the matter will bereferred to the manufacturer for claim under the manufacturers’ warranty.  Where the matter is referred to themanufacturer Opposite Lock will establish contact between the customer and the manufacturer and will do all itreasonably can to assist the customer in resolving their warranty claim.
  8. Where the item is repairable Opposite Lock may, at its complete discretion, elect to repair rather than replacethe item.

Failure to follow the returns procedure could result in a delayed assessment of your warranty claim.

No return or replacement will be permitted where breakage or premature wear has occurred as a result of incorrectinstallation or when components are fitted other than in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications of (inthe opinion of Opposite Lock) in circumstances that result in unacceptable load on the goods.

Return of goods for credit

We accept the return of goods andprovide a full refund as required by the Trade Practices Act where the goods:

– are defective or
– differ from the advertised description or
– are not fit for purpose.

In circumstances other than the above, returns for credit will only be accepted under the followingconditions:

– approval prior to their return has been obtained from us and a return approval number has been obtained
– the return is accompanied with written advice of the return approval number and the invoice number of the originalsale
– the goods are unused and in as sold condition, including packaging. Where the packaging requires replacement a 15%repacking fee and return processing fee is payable when approval for the return is given by us
– freight charges included in the original sale are excluded from the refund

Return of goods for credit or refund

We accept the return of goodsand provide a full refund as required by the Trade Practices Act where the goods:

– are defective; or
– differ from the advertised description; or
– are not fit for purpose.

To lodge a claim for any of the above reasons please follow the procedure outlined above for a warrantyclaim.

Once the claim is approved Opposite Lock will provide you with a refund either to your nominated bank account orwhere the transaction was processed by credit card, by way of a refund to your credit card.

We are not required to provide a refund simply because you have changed your mind.  However, we understandthat in some circumstances (other than the above) you may wish to return an item because it does not fit or is notappropriate.  Returns will only be accepted in these circumstances for store credit.  The return will onlybe accepted under the following conditions:

  1. The customer must contact the store of purchase or where purchased online
  2. The customer must receive approval from Opposite Lock to return the goods.  Approval will be in the form ofa return approval number.  Where this number is issued by an individual store the goods must be returneddirectly to the store.  Where the goods were purchased online and the number is issued through the onlinedepartment, instructions will be provided to the customer for the return of the goods at the customers cost.
  3. For the return to be processed the Customer must return:
    – The goods in unused and as sold condition, together with all packaging.
    – The original invoice
    – The return approval documentation (print out of copy emailed to the customer is acceptable)

The goods and documentation must be returned to the location nominated on the Returns Approval.  Wherepracticable, goods will be able to be returned to a local store.  However, Opposite Lock, in its completediscretion, may require the goods to be returned to its head office or warehouse, at the customers cost.

Where Opposite Lock is required to replace the packaging a 15% repacking fee and return processing fee will bededucted from any credit provided by Opposite Lock.

No refund will be provided for freight charges included in the original sale.

Where the customer has any concerns in relation to the procedures to be followed the customer should callOpposite Lock on 1800 624 444 and we will assist you with the procedures.

Online goods purchases and returns, terms and conditions

Allprices advertised are RRP unless in a promotional period, as such all care is taken to make sure correct andaccurate descriptions and pricing meets the description of products advertised.

The following conditions apply when purchasing online:

*All products selected are done so based on the consumers sole selection

*All products advertised are done so with the intention of the consumer making an approriate selection;

– If a consumer is unsure of the product they are able to contact us on 1800 62 44 44

– Any products purchased are the sole responsibility of the consumer making an accurate selection at time ofpurchase

– Consumers may if approved by Opposite Lock or its agents request a credit

– All products are held in stock to the best of our ability, in instances where products are unavailable;

– Consumers may place the product on backorder

– Request a refund for the amount purchased

– Request an alternate product to meet their requirements

Prices incorrectly marked due to technical issues or cyber security breaches, Opposite Lock has the right todismiss honouring those prices advertised at the time alternatively may also offer the customer the opportunity tobuy at the advertised price, unless otherwise agreed.

All prices advertised do exclude fitting charges and freight where applicable.

When selecting “Need Fitting” you are accepting of the terms and conditions outlined herewith and are acceptingthat additional freight charges may/can be charged by the appropriate Opposite Lock agent and that it is theirdiscretion on the amount charged at the conclusion of the transaction.