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Why upgrade your 4x4’s suspension?

There are many reasons to upgrade your four wheel drive's suspension. Some of these include greater vehicle clearance, longer wheel travel giving better off road performance, better on road handling, better load carrying capabilities.

At Opposite Lock we offer the full suspension upgrades for your vehicle, including GVM upgrades. Click on the links below to discover the what the best suspension brands have to offer for your ride.

5 Important Factors to consider when choosing a 4×4 Suspension System


Think about everything you load up onto your 4x4 when going on an adventure, now think about all the modifications you’ve just slapped on. From bull bars and rear bars, to dual fuel tanks, fridges, roof racks and more, all this added weight decreases the overall performance and safety of your vehicle.


Once you’ve calculated your total weight capacity, the next thing to consider is 4WD flex. The best way to think about it is are you someone who enjoys the occasional bush bash Vs someone who isn’t afraid of tackling Mundaring Powerlines hardest track? The amount of flex will determine how planted your tyres are to the ground (traction), as well as influencing vehicle tilt. The more flex you have the easier it will be to drive through deep ruts and decrease the chances of rolling.


If you spend most of your time travelling to remote areas with the occasional off-roading or finding the best beach fishing spot, you’ll definitely want to select a suspension system that improves comfort.


There’s nothing worse than spending 6 hours in the car and feeling every single bump. Durability comes down to the terrain you drive on and the activities you frequently do. If you spend most of your time shredding some of Australia’s most rigorous off-road tracks or travel long distances then you’ll want heavy duty shocks and springs.


Terrain plays a major role in determining the type of suspension you choose. For example; long distance corrugations require a different suspension setup when compared to rock-crawling. Long-term suspension usage dictates the type of recommended system. Your local Opposite Lock store can discuss these options with you and ensure that you are provided with the correct suspension for use.