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4WD Protection

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4WD Protection

A bull bar is a vital feature of your 4x4 vehicle, especially when you're off-roading. Bull bars are made from heavy-duty steel, aluminium and other materials and act as one of your car's first lines of defence against debris and collision. Your 4WD’s bull bar provides more protection for your car and can help others in your touring group when they get into trouble along the track. In addition, you can attach your winch, lights and other 4WD gear to your bull bar to help everyone navigate any harsh terrain.

Bull bars are a great addition to any 4x4 vehicle and can provide a lot of benefits. Whether you're travelling along paved roads or dirt tracks, the front end of your car can be vulnerable to rocks, sticks, animals and even minor collisions with other vehicles or external objects.

Bull bars are often the first modification people make to their 4wd vehicles and provide general protection to your 4x4. They can also be used as recovery points designed to withstand powerful forces against your car.

This means that bull bars will save vulnerable parts in your 4x4 from being severely damaged and prevent you from getting stuck in the middle of a challenging track. It's also the central point where winch mounts, extra headlights and other valuable tools can be stored and attached which are invaluable when off-roading.

At Opposite Lock, our selection of 4WD bull bars, rear bars and side rails are tried and tested to ensure that your car gets the protection it needs when driving along any track or terrain. Browse online or in-store to find the right 4 X 4 protection accessory for your car's specific make and model; from Piak bull bars to ECB bull bars, we have something for everyone.

Why choose Opposite Lock?

If you want to make the most of your next 4x4 adventure, or just know that you're prepared for whatever the road throws at you, Opposite Lock has the gear you need.

Our team has been guiding clients through the ins and outs of touring and 4x4 adventures for years, so we'll help you find the perfect accessories for your vehicle. Whether it's a smooth coastal track or steep alpine tracks, we'll know exactly what off-road accessories will make your touring experience successful.

Shop online or visit us in-store today to find no loop bull bars, loop bars, nudge bars, alloy bars and more! And contact our team if there's anything else we can do for you!