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Redarc EGT & Boost Pressure 52mm Gauge - G52-EB

SKU: PE43916 Part Number: G52-EB
Redarcs 52mm EGT & Boost Pressure Gauge measures exhaust gas temperature and boost pressure.
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Redarc's 52mm EGT & Boost Gauge is designed for turbo-equipped vehicles to monitor the exhaust gas temperature through a supplied pyrometer probe.

Many conditions can result in excessive EGT which can cause engine or turbocharger damage. This is often made worse when a vehicle is pulling a heavy load or running at continuous high speeds.

Monitor manifold air pressure through the Boost pressure function and ensure excessive pressure avoided. Keep the vehicle's engine in the proper power range to achieve the highest performance from a vehicle.

Supplied with a 'K' type EGT sensor and electronic boost MAP sensor, the boost has a peak hold function with a display range from 0-35PSI and programmable alert level of between 10 and 30PSI.

With a peak hold function from 0 to 1,000°C, the EGT function is programmable between 500 and 800°C. Redarc's EGT & Boost Gauge probe has a 1/8" NPT compression fitting and supplied with a weld in mounting bung.


  • Satin chrome bezel
  • 13 selectable backlight colours
  • EGT and boost peak hold functions
  • Multiple programmable alerts with amber or red backlight and audible beep
  • Display illuminates when park lights are turned on so you can view the EGT needle and boost display without turning on the ignition
  • Communications link can be connected between gauges when fitting more than one Redarc gauge to change backlight colour of all at once

Warranty:2 years
Sensor(s) included:Boost EGT interface
Standby current draw:30mA
Input (operating) voltage:6-16V
Diameter (mm):52
Weight (kg):0.05

Redarc EGT & Boost Pressure 52mm Gauge - G52-EB

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