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Redarc Fuse Kit 23 amp - FK23

SKU: 110840 Part Number: FK23
Redarc Fuse Kit 23 amp - FK23 is an essential component for your electrical installation, designed to ensure the safety and efficiency of your system. It includes high-quality fuses and a fuse holder that matches the cable's current requirements, guaranteeing a secure and reliable connection.
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The Redarc Fuse Kit 23 amp - FK23 is a crucial component for ensuring the safety and efficiency of your electrical installations, particularly in the context of DC-to-DC charger setups. This kit comes equipped with high-quality fuses and a purpose-built fuse holder designed to accommodate the required cable size for the specified current rating. Here's why the Redarc Fuse Kit is an essential choice for your installation needs:

  • High-Quality Components: The Redarc Fuse Kit includes top-quality fuses and a reliable fuse holder. These components are essential for maintaining the integrity of your electrical circuit and ensuring it functions safely and efficiently.
  • Secure and Solid Connection: The fuse holder is designed to create a secure and solid connection with the cable. This connection is crucial because it not only ensures proper electrical continuity but also minimizes the risk of poor contact that can result from low-quality fuse holders.
  • Prevents Contamination: Unlike poor-quality fuse holders that may allow dirt and other contaminants to infiltrate the contact points, the Redarc Fuse Kit is designed to prevent such issues. Contamination between contacts can lead to increased resistance, generating excess heat that could potentially damage both the fuse and the holder.
  • Avoids Overheating Issues: Overheating is a serious concern when dealing with electrical components. Low-quality fuse holders may not dissipate heat efficiently, leading to potentially dangerous situations. The Redarc Fuse Kit is engineered to minimize heat generation, ensuring safe and reliable operation.
  • Wide Range of Amperage Ratings: Redarc offers a range of amperage ratings for their fuse kits, allowing you to select the kit that best suits your specific DC-to-DC charger installation needs. This flexibility ensures that you have the right components for your electrical system.

The Redarc Fuse Kit 23 amp - FK23 is a vital component for your electrical installations, particularly in DC-to-DC charger setups. It provides high-quality fuses and a secure fuse holder to ensure safe and efficient operation, preventing potential issues related to poor contact, contamination, and overheating. Investing in a Redarc Fuse Kit helps safeguard your electrical systems and guarantees reliable performance for your applications.

Redarc Fuse Kit 23 amp - FK23

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